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000 - Mod Post

  • May. 15th, 2012 at 8:24 AM
Welcome to [community profile] daily_prompt!

Once a day (give or take), I'll be posting a prompt. That prompt may be a word, a song, a picture, whatever. After that, it's up to YOU to figure out what you'll do with it. Whether you feel inspired to write 5 words or 500...whether you decide to write original fiction, fanfiction, poetry, or song lyrics is up to you! Essentially, Daily Prompt is your community! I'm just giving you that extra kick-in-the-pants that a lot of us authors need to get to a running start.

All I ask in terms of rules is to use your own discretion when replying to a prompt. Daily Prompt is a Rated M (mature, not adult) community, so explicit adult content should be placed in your own personal journals. Other than that, rules belong elsewhere.

Have a suggestion for future prompts? Please, leave a comment on this post and who knows? Your suggestions might become a prompt for Daily Prompt! This Mod loves all the suggestions she can get.

Have fun!

- [personal profile] sionnach / [personal profile] stardoll

(Tentative) Prompt Schedule:

★ Sunday: Quote
☆ Monday: Photograph
★ Tuesday: One Word
☆ Wednesday: Video/Lyrics
★ Thursday: Place
☆ Friday: Scenario
★ Saturday: Phrase

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