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1,770 - Prompt

Okay party people in the house...
This is something you never witnessed before...
Yes, it’s the incredible doug e. fresh...
With his partner, the grand wizard mc, ricky d
D, and that’s me in the place to be.
We goin’ to do it for ’85, kick it live, allright?
Cuz you know, you’re all sick of all these crap rappers
Biting their rhymes because of they’re back steppers.
But when it comes to me and my man doug fresh here,
There is no competition ’cause we are the best, yeah.
But as impress, which we approve
And yeah, we realize that we are on the move,
So listen closely so y’all don’t miss
As we go a little something like this, hit it!

-La Di Da Di; Slick Rick